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About Peter Quint

Suspense about Deaf characters facing life challenges

Peter M. Quint is a career teacher and an advocate for Deaf people. Experiencing sudden hearing loss at a young age, he spent years learning and then teaching American Sign Language (ASL) at the high school and college level. He knows well the constant struggle to understand the spoken language. With a bachelor’s in English literature from Occidental College and a master’s in education from Lewis and Clark College, Peter draws readers into an intimate experience of how Deaf people experience life and the various forms of sign language to which they are exposed. 

Peter still holds the American record for the Deaf in the steeplechase and was in the top 20 in the Bloomsday Road race, an event that occurs in his first novel. An accomplished long-distance runner, competing nationally in track and field, he understands how Deaf people use sports and other activities as a tool to cope with anger and life-adjustment challenges that can result from society’s response to what is often labeled as a “handicapping condition.”   

Throughout his tenure as a teacher of the Deaf, Peter has contributed articles to various educational newsletters, working closely with secondary-level writing teachers to teach literary elements and hone the craft of student writing. He’s written about cross country, using hearing aids, and education within the Deaf community and has been published in regional and national periodicals, including Hearing Instruments Magazine and California Track and Running News. 

As a core member of the Deaf community in Washington State, he is actively involved as a founding leader of New Life Deaf Fellowship, a home and community-based fellowship of believers, and founder of Deaf Heartlight, a step-based life support program for Deaf people. 

Peter resides in Spokane, Washington, with his Deaf wife, Pratibha, and their Deaf mini-Australian shepherd, Asha. 

Resilient Silence: A Deaf-Experience Suspense Novel is his first full-length #Ownvoices novel, and the first in the Resilient Silence series. Visit him at, on Facebook @peterquintdeafauthor, on instagram @pmquint5.

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